Donation Announcement

A little update:
80% of all revenue made has been split between Woodland Trust UK to protect our local forests & wildlife, and Rainforest Trust UK where our donation has been matched & doubled through their SAVES challenge to protect the Maya Wildlife Corridor in Belize! THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN.

We are so humbled and overwhelmed by all the things we have been able to achieve throughout this journey, but the team have now decided to go our separate ways. Thanks to all of you this small team of graduates got to fight for the environment & speak out about climate emergency. And we won't stop.
To bring this journey to a close, SAI is now free!

Please consider donating to your local conservation charities anyway or take a look at the projects Rainforest Trust UK are supporting and keep the SAI legacy alive. The fight against climate emergency is far from over.
Peace and love to you all,
Studio Mutiny


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