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Full Gameplay+Ending. 5/5


Are you using your own sound tracks??? is there any copyrighted music please let me know??

Can this game run at a good FPS in a 4gb ram laptop with intel 4400HD graphics?


A really interesting little game, less than an hour to complete and really enjoyed it. I did encounter one bug where enemies didn't spawn in an area, but otherwise the combat felt good and the areas were lovely to be in. A nice consistent aesthetic as well.

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Played it, took around 40 min, but it's truly just because I was always thinking to myself "What happened here?". Should take much, much less time if you don't trip. 20 min? I feel like this isn't a game for me. It has nice graphics (even though I had to put it on medium), but, personally, it just felt weird to play.  Also, had some problems: 

Nowhere to change mouse sensitivity, crosshair color/placement and third person view distance.

Had a bug in the woodlogs part, where the enemies didn't load. Just went from last checkpoint and this second time it was normal.

At the time I went "Oh, that's cool, a new enemy", but it's another bug: right after getting the first stone, while climbing the stairway to get to the door, the final boss appeared behind me and I had to fight him. He didn't have his health bar appearing. I died oneshot and he didn't appear again. (Only at the end, as the final boss)

Many times the crossbar seemed invis. Because of its color, when i tried to shoot the airborne thingys, couldn't see it.

I actually kinda liked this game, but not because of the mechanics, movement or exploration. The idea this game brings, and the scenery it depicts lets me go to another world:

Where the heck are the people and actual civilization signs? I mean, we could see living trees and flowers, so life still exists. It is clearly a worksite, so we could say almost exclusively robots were ever there. The camp was too full of wood, there were no robot workers, only defenders. Also, not a sign of these workers. Or are they the same as the defenders? If they are, and aren't working, the wood isn't transported and they were kept in a ghost duty, doing nothing. Is humanity extinct? Is humanity all there is? There was a "portal" before (don't remember if it was gone w/ the Tree or not). Did some fae stay here? And evaporate humanity when they destroyed the Tree? I mean, those things wouldn't be protecting unused resources in a abandoned land if they were in a crisis. If there wasn't much food left, power play would be more violent than politic, so these robots would make a difference in protecting from the masses while grabbing what's left to eat. I think this game is meant to be a metaphore, but I'd like to feel it's closer to reality. 


I'm really enjoying this! Love how minimal it is, and yet everything in it is done very well. Movement, camera, the dash, and using the charged shot feel great. Unfortunately I ran into an issue: While talking to the spirit in the third area, it stopped recogizing the mouse and I couldn't click on the dialog box arrow to continue. I couldn't figure out how to exit the dialog window, so I quit and relaunched and unfortunately it didn't keep my checkpoint.

I plan on returning to it shortly, just wanted to report my problem. (Sorry if this is not the place for bug reports.)


great game,great graphics 10/10


Beautiful 3D action adventure, where you explore and fight your way through a few well crafted areas. The bow combat mechanics are satisfying to use and the game tells the everimportant story of saving our nature. They clearly put a lot of love into this project and I absolutely recommend everyone to check it out. I encountered a game breaking bug unfortunately, where it didnt allow me to continue, so I will need to downrate it a good bit. I would love for the concept to be made into a meatier game, but as a slice of an idea, this is well done. 3/5

More Racial Justice bundle impressions and ranking:


In one word, this game is bittersweet; Though well done in its own right, I think it needs a bit more polish.  I appreciate the minimalistic approach to the HUD, but I think it could some kind of visual indicator to show when the dash is ready to use again, and hits on the enemies could use a bit more "crunch" to indicate you're actually hitting them.  The gameplay is tight overall but it tells a somewhat different story from what the plot is telling: the machines are being used to destroy the forest, and you are destroying them in order to restore the forest to its former glory.  Science and technology need not be in opposition to nature, perhaps machines of destruction can be adapted into a force for creation?

Either way this short game serves as a lovely prototype to a full-length game I would really love to play some day!


I knew I was probably going to enjoy this game, but I didn't expect to enjoy it to the level that I did. The combat is so fluid and fighting enemies is a lot of fun. You hit the nail on the head when it came to dodging, slow-mo impacts, and difficulty. By the time I reached the end of the game I desperately wanted there to be more so I could keep fighting Machines. The game is gorgeous, and the atmosphere you've created is fantastic. I always like games where I show up to a dark and murky atmosphere, kick the bad guys butt, and have the atmosphere do a quick 180 and the zone becomes beautiful. And you did a fantastic job at that.

I don't know if I just sucked at getting the story, but I wish there was more to it to get me hooked. The machines were voiceless, and while the lorebook helped give me background, it didn't instill any urgency into saving the forest. I felt like the bad guys were more like punching bags then actual villains/bad guys.

This is probably knit-picking, but the Forest Spirit deer's animations aren't great. Specifically the motion of his head going up and down. In comparison to the rest of the game this one stuck out like a sore thumb, and because of that I felt like I should mention it.

Overall I had a lot of fun with this game, and your message wasn't lost on me. I look forward to seeing what else you guys put out!


logo looks super similliar to a russian rock group "ЖЩ"


Super cool game, I ran into a bug after the second "level" where I couldn't find anymore enemies but the checkpoint said that there was one. I enjoyed the first couple levels though!!

Sorry to hear it! Try running up and down the stairs, reload the check point or run around to see if they spawn. 


Looks beautiful, but sadly cannot play through due to being on a laptop and both mouse buttons can't be pressed at once. From what I saw, beautiful, well made, and well researched. <3


Ogham! It's a super interesting script and I'm surprised it isn't more popular. 

Such a beautiful alphabet! 

Are you porting to Linux or Mac in the foreseeable future?


No, unfortunately not


Very short, Very fun. Would love to see this game have a longer story, or a sequel.

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Another game whose controls are hardcoded to wasd and un rebindable. :(

Unfortunately unplayable.


xpadder is your friend


I have no need for a piece of software doing the job of a dev.


Who doesn't use wasd? lmao


esdf > wasd


Anyone who doesn't use qwerty keyboards, for starters.


I use a qwertz keyboard and even I use wasd. Yall have seriously too high standards when it comes to controls of INDIE titles. Plus wasd is the way to go for like ANY game


Yeah you're right, rebinding is a basic feature, but it's an indie title, just shut up and use the solution given to you (xpadder) or just don't play it, you have the solution and you're just bitching about it.


Can you switch to a different layout in your OS? Sure, the keys won't correspond to what you type, but at least you will be able to control the game like every other. From your other comments, I assume you use azerty layout.


Narratively? Wonderful. Love the lore, love the world, love the art.

Gameplay? Some of my favorite gameplay of this style I've personally experienced. Namely, it feels like if HZD was faster and more punchy, rather than realistic.

I just hope that one day there will be more!


Beautiful game. Short, but very good. Shooting the charged arrows feels so satisfying! You have done a wonderful job with this game.

Thank you so much! <3


Nice game! But very short 😟

Hm, this game looks really great but I'mm getting lag on even the lowest graphics setting (and I just recently bought a new card. :-)

what kind of CPU and GPU do you have?

Lol. Meanwhile, a 2013 notebook runs it (On lowest) without any lag.


I really enjoyed this game but the game lagged quite a bit in battles and the audio lag was way too painful to listen to.
I featured this game in my charity stream, starts at 1:45


Sorry to hear about your lag issues, but we're happy you enjoyed it despite it! Was a fun watch :D


Really beautiful, evocating. You built a very sensitive world with this game, and I would love to see it expand.

The satisfaction you feel when turning on the mennir, to see nature get back to life, it's wonderful. Animations could be improved, mechanics could be polished, expanded upon, but my weirdest suggestion is this: Make the main character younger, or frailer. It may seems weird, but having her being less a warrior, and more a manifestation of fragile, pure and powerful nature would add a sensitive layer. With maybe an outfit covered in leaves, fragile flowers, bark armor, bine bracelets... I might do a lil' artwork to express it better.

Still, it is a wonderful concept, and I would be delighted to see it get bigger than it is.


Thank you so much for taking the time to draw this, it looks awesome! We're so happy the game resonated with you <3


My pleasure really, all the best to you and tour team!


Beautiful game by wonderful devs


amazing, really nice to see a game using gaelic/irish. I wish there was more to it because its worth way more then what its going for

Hi! I looked through the config files and settings and couldn't find a way to invert the mouse. 

I know, I'm a heathen, but I'd really like to be able to aim! :) 

Love the game but when I get to my second battle with the robots, after I've killed all of them it says I've got more enemies to defeat, yet none are left?

Try reloading your checkpoint, or run around for a little and they might spawn! Sometimes it also works to run up to the door and back down.


Congrats on launching this! The game is wonderful, we love your work. :) 

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Thank you so much! We cant wait for Alula!

Hey guys could you tell me the system requierments to play this smoothly. because this looks like a very beautiful game, i wanna record this and put it on YT but i want to make sure my potato pc will run it smooth enough so it wont look like a power point presentation. Thanks

For recording we'd recommend a GTX 1060 for the Ultra setting, but the game also has options for High, Medium and Low. If you decide to do a video, please share!


I will definitely share if I decide to make a vid out of it. It looks super interesting and cool!!

i cant get game to load up on one screen. it also starts my vr  when loading. 

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So sorry for getting back to you so late! If you want to move the game to another screen, switch to windowed by pressing F11 and drag it across. In regards to VR launching this is a strange bug, has it prevented you from playing the game?

The same thing happens to me. It doesn't stop the game from working (I didn't have the headset connected).


I don't understand how the estimated time was 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

If you consider yourself a gamer, you will complete everything in about 15 minutes.  For such a short game, I was expecting a bit more. Completing the game felt like a tutorial and I was expecting there to be a story beyond just the foundations. 

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Thank you for your feedback, we apologize for giving you false hope. The average playtime of all our playtesters was 45min - 1 hour, that's where the estimate comes from. Thank you for giving SAI a go.


Thank you for your response. Keep in mind that  QA runs will take longer than in-game play and could make your estimates inaccurate if you use the testing average for playtime estimates on future titles. 

Really glad I read TheKingsman's comment before buying your game. It looks really promising, is it still in development or is it finished?


Hi! This is the completed game, we hope that their playtime hasn't put you off buying it and giving it a go.


Yah, well not every body wants to just complete the game, take in the artwork and music


Completed all aspects of the game in the time given. My review is for the people who are experienced in gaming and easily steamroll the game while still collecting all the items. 

When I play a game like this with a small estimated playtime, I look for a plotline. 

It was so condensed that when I saw the credits, I thought it was the end of the tutorial and the rest of the story was going to be told. 

People more experienced in gaming are able to take in many things at once. I enjoyed the gameplay; it just felt way too short, and I felt like there was a story I missed out on because the game ended so soon. 

Again, the review is more focused towards experienced gamers who are more likely to finish in the time I did. 

Gotcha, and the game is $5 so the game should listen. Coming from a game devs perspective though, taking in the scenery is part of the gam


I am only part of the way through this game so far. However, it is already a very intricate and beautiful game. The graphics, while not insane are still very appealing. The music is relaxing, until you are in battle, then it kicks it up, which I really like (nice touch). I like when you shoot the bow that whatever arrows hit flowers sprout out, again with the drive for incorporating nature nice addition. It is a rather simplistic and linear game, which I actually like in a game every once in a while so this was a great way to get back to the roots. Lastly, not sure if this was intentional, but when the standard machine throws its range attack at you, you can shoot it out of the air if you are quick enough O.O for a simplistic game this is a very intricate touch. Thank you for a great way to relax and get some good gaming in. Very well made and would 100% recommend this to others. (I also gifted my fiancée a copy so thanks for the points there :D)


I would also like to add that I am a huge seek and find collector so the flowers really appealed to me as well. I also had a flyer run in to a tree branch, and it just started flipping out, almost like "WTH did I just hit", which was hilarious.


didn't know i was so close to the ending lol and i'm sure if i got all the flowers but it is a great game. Great job

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Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to watch you play it <3

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It's a great thing that you try to 'reawaken the love and respect for nature' not by making a game that's really preachy and always talks about "wow nature is so great and people are all evil and try to destroy it" because we all know that doesn't work, but by showing how great and beautiful nature is, although the "machines are destroying the forest" is obviously the way of showing how people are hurting the environment, but obviously that is a real thing and it sounds subtle enough that it doesn't come off as the game telling you you're a piece of shit ruining them forests but still making you think maybe you should be a bit more careful with nature. And you actually use the money you get from the game to help your cause! I haven't bought the game yet, I just found it while browsng but it sounds really interesting, and I might try it later


I just seen this game last night I'm from Ireland and LOVE anything Celtic or Norse Mythology related So I cant wait to play and stream this game looks very interesting <3

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Some of us tuned in earlier, its was so lovely! Thank you so much for picking it up and playing it! <3

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Kia ora

Is there a link to you playthough any where please?

I think its gone sorry for also the late reply if I seen it earlier probably could have!


It seems really nice, is there any chance for linux version ?

Thank you! Sorry, there wont be


I'll have to break it into two parts but man it is good! loving the combat and lore so far, a bit simple in the objectives but the game itself is smooth and enjoyable. 

Thank you so much!! We've all watched it and loved it, cant wait to see episode two <3


just did a free roam portion of it and LOVE IT! definitely making a video on this soon. plus donating to conservation charities to help make the world better, good for you

We'd love to tune in and share it! Thanks for all the feedback and your contribution, we really appreciate it!


Absolutely fantastic game! Gameplay was incredibly satisfying and the visuals on the bow really help to understand the mechanics. The audio was great and I love the atmosphere created which really helps tie into the story/message. Overall visuals are amazing. Clearly a lot of hard work and love went into this. Fantastic job guys!


Great work my dudes!!! looks STUNNING! just picked up my copy!
Much love, and good luck!

Thank you so much!!
Hope you enjoy it <3

It was great :) didn't quite find all the flowers though :(

you can always go into freeplay later and look for the rest! :D

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