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Saw this at EGX 2019 and couldn't stop playing, I have a top end PC now so I cant help but download it!


Incredible Game!! Best way to start off 2021 for my first game (it has a lot of potential if you develop it further) Did a complete walkthrough, shame it was short and I like the moral behind the game "Save the Planet"

Really nice graphics, excellent idea and with a good message. Really like the game! Playability works very well.

reviewed over at grouvee:


Overall, this is a very good game. Moving and looking feels very smooth and rewarding. Shooting is fun. However, the combat got very repetitive even in a short game like this. And I wasn't able to hit moving targets even when I was leading my shots; probably could have used some aim assist or tweaks to the hit recognition. But overall, this was a really fun game to just move around and shoot in. Again, the movement itself felt and looked really good by itself. Great work.


I made two screenshots :D


Great game. Come again)))

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The game was so polished! Thanks for the game


I absolutely loved the game!

When I saw it on this page, I wasn't sure what to expect, but when I started playing it.. absolutely beautiful. Both the graphics, the combat, and the message behind it.

I've also made a video on my playthrough on the game, and to share the message of course! Hope you'll enjoy it! :)


I took a first look at this game, really interesting concept : 


Very satisfying combat. Fun little experience. :) Here's my playthrough. 


Really nice world. Combat was fun and looked epic.


I had so much fun with this game! its really gorgeous and in a way soothing to me. Only had a few stutters here and there during my playthrough. 


Easily my favorite game of all time now! Unforgettable. It would freeze a lot even on medium graphics level, but that may be my graphics card. I want sooo much more of this game. What an experience! Imagine it with classes and RPG style storyline, would compete with Skyrim easily.

The game is nice but it's too hard for me.

I just finished Sai and while I did enjoy it the bug where enemies don't spawn in the woodlot was frustrating. Just when I'd gotten immersed in the world, music and combat I had to reload my checkpoint multiple times. I actually restarted the game as well, replaying the first two parts to see if that would help.

I eventually got the enemies to spawn by immediately jumping down into the woodlot and skipping the path down to the second gate. I've seen the studio give the solution here of running up and down or reloading checkpoints but I really hope you'll consider fixing this bug in a future release.

The final battle was well done and quite tense. The bow mechanics worked well and felt as if there was some weight to your shooting. Activating the menhirs to see the forest bloom around you was satisfying.

The game is pretty short. I finished it in about 45 minutes which included a restart and some menu fiddling. I would've loved a few more levels of shooting at the machines before the ending, but I do think the ending rounded up the game very well.


A beautiful game with a beautiful story.


I came to this game with no expectations, and left pleasantly surprised. The core gameplay is solid and simple, and it's very pleasant to look at.

I'd love to see this game's potential played out with a full story mode and the visuals further refined. But it's fair to say that the game achieves what it sets out to do, and it's definitely worth your time.

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